Monday, November 26, 2012

Ode to the Future

Hey all, Well it's time for a Monday poem. I hope you all enjoy this look into possible futures.


What does the future hold
What mysteries does it keep
Where does the road lead
Everyday we suspect what will happen
Like an eager reader with a mystery novel
We are astonished by the twists and turns

Perhaps tomorrow on your way to work
A job you no longer love
A place you no longer wish to be

Perhaps you will stop for a cup of coffee
An overpriced cardboard cup of motivation
You meet an amazing person in line
Agree to meet
Exchange numbers
Fall in love
Perhaps not

Perhaps instead of coffee you arrive early
A desperate attempt to avoid unemployment
A dreary slog through a misty morning
When you see the gunman you react
Leaping forward to stop him
He guns you down
Life blood oozing onto the sidewalk
Alone and cold
Perhaps not

Perhaps you stay out of sight
Remembering every detail
Keeping every note
The officer you report to is an old high school friend
You decide to get drinks and catch up
Rekindle an old friendship you never knew you missed
Realize there is more you can do with your life and quite your job
Perhaps not

Perhaps nothing extraordinary happens
Your day goes as planned
Your boss is angry you were late
Your day is awful
You go home and watch TV
With a frozen dinner
But then again
Perhaps not

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Monday, November 19, 2012


Hey all, So I noticed that I had sort of missed posting a week of my Journal. In order to fix that I'll be making a double post today. Up first election night coverage.

Behind the Scenes

Tonight was probably the coolest thing I’ve done all year. I was at WYSO in Yellow-Springs working on the election coverage for the stations website. If you happened to go to their page and look at either the numbers for Champaign county or Greene county between 9-11, that was all me. Actually it was just a collection of people I was just the guy updating the numbers on the site.

The evening itself was really cool, I had so much fun just getting to look behind the curtain as it were. I saw how the election coverage came in, how they updated it, what news stories they got and which they decided to cover. Being from Ohio, which was a “battleground state” I’d probably had a much more uncertain evening than most. It was fascinating to hear how the election results effected not just the news but the staff. I got to watch them get excited as one candidate would pull ahead and then worried as the other began to move out in front.

There were so many amazing ideas and thoughts being bandied about. Listening to victory and concession speeches. In the end however the election was winding down and the staff was being sent home. I wasn’t there when the results were announced, which happened five minutes after I left so as not to be in the way. I heard the end on my car stereo as I drove home.

Maybe next time.

There's one down and now here's one about a couple of the reports we got to listen to.

Like Dogs and Water

Class tonight was interesting, we got to hear about two of the other students projects for class both of which were pretty fascinating.

First was replacing bottled water with filtration taps. It was interesting to see how the person running the program had to set up the information in the report and pitch to his coworkers in order to get their approval. It was a very slimmed down, bare bones pitch with more information than frills. Of course this was how he went after his audience.

Second was a much more emotional presentation about taking in rescue dogs over pet store “puppy mill” dogs. It was a very moving presentation, with a lot of very heartrending pictures of dogs in various degrees of care.

Next week, is meetings I sort of worked mine in tonight so I wouldn’t have to head back for the meeting. So I wont be going back until the 27th. But then I’m talking about Extra-Life and the awesome experience I had there

Ode to Love

Hey all, Here's this weeks poem, my aren't all my voters getting a bit romantic, this and passion nearly tied.
Hope you enjoy.

Our Summer Day

I remember a deep passionate kiss
Catching each others breaths merging souls as one
Embracing with the warm comfort of pure bliss
Lying in the grass under summer sun
Holding hands and matching you pulse to mine
Then as the sun set and the world went still
The smell of your hair wildflowers and pine
Running to our cabin atop the hill
As the night ends one final press of lips
To stare in the eyes of future and past
Take the cup of love having one final sip
Again the day ends passing us to fast
Hugging in the cold night to feel our heat
Hearing the combining of our heartbeat

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Ode to Jedi Master Donald

Hey all, Well here's the new poem topic for this week. I hope you enjoy it.

Master Duck

Long ago and far away
A dark force filled the land
Children feared for their lives
That no one would stay it’s hand

One day troops came to a small world
Where all would laugh and sing
They wrecked the town in anger
In search of ships with x shaped wings

The onslaught was so vicious
And many Bothans died
They moved troops to the small world
To keep it occupied

As the small world suffered
Under the troopers brutal rule
A lone figure approached the world
A glowing sword his only tool

He gave the troops a chance to go
They laughed as if a joke
He pulled his great green saber
And removed them with one stroke

He battled on across the world
With three lads just like him
Uncle was then name they used
Together would always win

One day the final battle came
So the small world be free
But the master fell from the villains ship
And crashed into the sea

The legend goes he was lost that day
But smile when you think upon him
For to quote the bard McCall
Their aint a duck that cannot swim

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Extra Life Memories

Hey all,

Well, I've finally gathered and compiled all the photos of my Extra Life Marathon. There were not quite as many as I had hoped. Next year I will make a more concerted effort to get some good photos. However, here's what I have for this one. Hope you enjoy.

The music is Ode to Joy by the Opera Babes.
See you all later

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ode to November 26th

Hey all, Well the vote is in and the Holiday that won is immortalized below in poem. Hope you enjoy it, it's a subject that is very near to my heart.

The Day They Fought 

The following was recovered from a journal written by a young Norwegian man named Hans Veederman. It was written the day after that tragic day when some many gave their all to stop what could easily have been the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. These are his words. Possibly his last as the final verse remains unfinished. The Journal and Hans’s remains were found trapped in the magma flow from the volcano that was set off after the encounter by the retreating forces in an attempt to destroy those who followed. Peace be to both to the defenders and Hans, who may have left the only written eye witness account of events. Mostly due to the participants remarkable modesty, and their refusal to admit they had done anything that impressive. We the heads of the National Steve Day Foundation humbly present his words. Thank You. (Translated from Hans original language which we believe to be some sort of Spanish.)

Twas a chill upon the air as they came marching up the beach.
A hundred cities lay in waste and a hundred more stood in their path.
The line was drawn deep in the rock by scores of fearless folks
Twere Steve’s, Steven’s, Stephen’s, Stephanie’s, and a dozen Estaban’s

They stood with grins upon their faces a content and happy lot
Suspecting most would not survive their voices joined in song
The words of John, Paul, George, and Ringo did waft across the field
They steeled themselves and watched as the enemy approached

The villains let the first volley fly and many Steve’s did fall
A wail of rage grew in their throats and the fight was truly on
They joined the battle now in full and met their foes every wave
The soldiers, tanks, and battle mechs, followed close by flying sharks

Guns were fired, swords were swung, and laser tripwire monkeys were unleashed
The tide was close and many fell both friend and foe alike
The enemy began to win their countless numbers on their side
The evil tide of so many names where ours were only Steve

The light of hope began to fade as the vile navy sailed ashore
Their mighty ships bristling with guns and men
And then the mighty Kracken rose to tower above it all
But light of light the tide then turned for the Krackens name was Steve

The day was won, the world was saved, our enemy did flee
And all upon the world at large the light of love will shine
For the hope and help of the selfless few
Those wonderful ones named

Sadly that is where the poem ends and we may never know how it carries on from their. But in memory of that horrible day where so many gave their lives for all of us we remember the Steve’s of the world. So please remember the ideas of National Steve Day; first in remembrance of their laidback nature the official clothing of Steve Day is a Hawaiian or Bowling shirt, second to pay homage to their need to see that those around them are joyful and happy we eat the two happiest of food nachos and hot wings, third do something nice for someone else because it’s what a Steve would do. This is Tim Jeffries reminding everyone to have a Stevetastic day.

Well there you go, hope you enjoyed it. I would also like to point out, because I have been accused of it, my birthday is in July so this is not about me it's just a happy accident that I happen to also be named Steve.

If you liked the poem leave a comment below or head on over to my facebook page and leave something there. I promise to try and comment. Until next time have a Stevetastic day or Stevetabulous your choice.

So What Are You Doing?

So What Are You Doing?

Got back from class today and been thinking back on what we did. We talked about next Tuesday where we will be live blogging for WYSO during the election. I’ll be on from 9-11 for anyone who wants to check it out. I’ll try and post an internet link on my face book before then.

After that we took a minute to go aver everyone’s project and get a small amount of their research report information. We heard about the difference between buying a rescue dog or a pet shop dog. Puppy mills are horrible things and finding a reputable breeder involves the internet and veterinarians. If I ever get a dog, and quite frankly I’m not really an animal person, I’ll go the shelter route.

We had two students discuss the formation of a student union, and give different information on how both student unions and regular unions are formed. Both very interesting, I’ve never been a real supporter of student unions growing up because high school student unions don’t do anything but prom. Which I think may be where a lot of teenagers get the idea that voting doesn’t do anything. It may actually be why they don’t vote. That is a really involved research process, perhaps for later.

We talked about fraking, which is a process to get natural gas out of the ground or turn water flammable. Since it does both, I’ve never been clear on which is the side effect. Actually to be fair, until I heard the report I had no idea what fraking was. It’s a terrible process and should just stop until they find a better way.

We talked about the attempt to get bottled water taken out of an office building. How much it costs in both cash and environmental effect. We discussed if you have to use bottled water what are the best kinds to use, 2 of the best were surprisingly; Nestle and Gerber. So if you drink bottled water, those are 2 of the best.

We heard about the prohibition on large sodas in New York. The basis of the law is that soda is so bad for you that it needs to be regulated and you can’t purchase any regular soda in a size larger than 16oz. Or drinks; diet soda, ice tea, beer and water, can be served in any size can’t hurt you. Though one could assume that Mayor Bloomberg now would accept that there is such a thing as too much water.

We talked about my project, which you may remember is the Extra Life marathon. I’ll not go into here since it’s already pretty much all over the place in this area.

Finally, we talked about getting people to vote, mostly youths. The difference in the number of people who are registered to vote and actually do is pretty awful. It was pointed out to me, and I will have to mention it to my friend Ron whose research project this is, a number of younger voters aren’t going to because they think you have to vote on every person and issue. There is at least one young man who won’t be voting because he doesn’t want either Obama or Romney as President. It was explained to him that he should vote for someone, but if he didn’t want to he should at least vote for the issues, laws, and taxes. He didn’t know that you could do that.

I kind of feel for the lad, to be honest there have been times I really wished for the Brewester’s Millions “None of the Above” option. Sadly, it does not exist. My what an interesting election it would be if it did.

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