Monday, April 29, 2013

Ode to Thunder, Lightning, and Everything Frightening

Hey all,  well it's time for another poem and here we are. We had a three way tie this week so the following poem has all the subjects from the previous vote. Quite frankly I'm starting to think your all working together to plan this... If that's the case carry on I'm enjoying the challenge. Hope you enjoy the poem.

Knock on Wood
Punk rock drum beat crescendo
Ripping its way through the midnight skies
Rolling thumping rhythmic clash of nature
Subwoofer of the universe rattling the windows of life
Golden streaks of broken fireworks
Dancing beams of natures wrath
Crackling neon twin forks of beauty
Twisted blistering heated rays of life kissing the world
Everything Frightening
Deep depraved shadows of long lost evolution
Howling screaming shrieking wails of windfall
Scratching clawing chatter of branches on the sill
Squeaking bumping shuffling moonlight on the floor
Flash boom crash
Warm flannel full bodied embrace
Comfort security covered in downy silence
Crushing clutching bear hug of old friends
Swirling whirling golden glow of paternal insight

So what did you think? I'd love to hear your opinions, head on over to facebook or leave a comment below. As always feel free to take part in next weeks topic vote and lets see what sort of weird stuff I'll have to write about next.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Poetry with Molly

Hey all, I know I didn't post a vote for this weeks topic but I had a good reason. After doing the abcdarium last week I thought it would be a fun project for me and my 5 year old niece Molly to write a poem together. So I picked another topic and decided on healthy fruits and vegetables. We used a couple of different websites and looking at pictures and names Molly picked all of the things from today's poem. She even came up with the name. And without further ado, I give you...

Fruit Salad
A is for apple, red and delicious
B is for butternut squash, it’s a gourd
C is for carrot, good for your eyes
D is for date, monkeys enjoy them
E is for eggplant because it is purple
F is for fennel, leafy and good
G is for grapes, red and green
H is for haricot melon, yellow and round
I is for iceberg lettuce, so good in salad
J is for Jerusalem artichoke, green and spiny
K is for kiwi, fuzzy and small
L is for lemon, small and sour
M is for melon, huge and sweet
N is for nut, salty and good
O is for oranges that are good for lunch
P is for pumpkin, so fun on Halloween
Q is for quince which looks really scary
R is for raisins that come from California
S is for strawberry the best kind of milkshake
T is for tomato, a burgers best friend
U is for ugli fruit which is really cute
V is for Victoria plum, from England We’re told
W is for watermelon, great with a sledge
X is for xigua, it’s Chinese
Y is for yam, eaten on Thanksgiving
Z is for zucchini, nicely fried

So what did you all think? Was it fun, interesting, or even just quirky? Was it an inspired idea or am I violating several child labor laws? Head on over to facebook and let me know. Also let me know if you'd like to see more poetry with Molly, I won't do it every week but if folks like it, and Molly wants to help again, we might put out one every few months. Till next time I leave you with Molly's own typing.

apple     molly      mom      dad

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ode to the flowers


Alluring Alpina
Beautiful Bellflower
Cute Calla Lily
 Dainty Daffodil
Elegant Eucalyptus
Fanciful Fairy Fans
Glorious Gladiolus
Heavenly Heather
Irresistible Iris
Jaunty Jonquil
Kissable Kangaroo Paw
Lovely Lisianthus
Magnificent Monkshood
Nurturing Narcissus
Opulent Ornithogalum
Perky Pixie Carnation
 Quaint Queen Anne’s Lace
Ravishing Ranunculus
Sensuous Schinus
Tantalizing Tulip
Undeniable Umbrella Fern
Vivacious Veronica
Wonderful Wolfsbane
Xenial Xanadu Philodendron
Youthful Yarrow
Zippy Zinnia

Well I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think by either leaving a comment below or headign over to my facebook page and leaving a note there.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ode to Marvel Legendary

Well here we go. The new poem is up and ready and according to the vote the winner was Marvel Legendary. It's a cooperative card game where you play some of the many heroes in the Marvel Universe. The game itself is great fun and even though I didn't get a chance to play it on International Table Top Day, I would still recommend it to everyone. The game includes 15 characters and the middle lines of the poem are individual references to all of them, some are probably easier to guess than others. So please enjoy.

With My Friends I Can Fly

Today I am mighty
I wield the Milnor and strike against my foes with lightning and thunder
With the shield of America I rally my compatriots to victory as a team
Using my keen arachnid senses I move in quick and fast
With a wink and a rifle I know I am only one of the character in this poem who faces evil
Born queen of the skies I use the tempest to move evil to my whims
With one good eye I see where the ground forces go and dispatch them with care
A frozen heart and diamond skin help me let the bystanders stand as one
A quiver in my hands and a glint in my eye lets fly a sharp retort
An electric heart guides me to the resources needed to win
If I play my cards just right I will electrify your heart
By myself I am good with my friends abilities I am unstoppable
An animals unrelenting fury cuts through the night Bub
I see the world through rose colored glasses and with a look that kills
Moving behind enemy lines I find the way and send for help
Assembled the villain falls
Today, we are Legendary

So, what did you think? I'd love to hear please leave a comment below or head on over to Facebook and post one there. See you all next week and, to take a page from the Mans book, Excelsior!