Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Continuing Adventures of J P Nussbaum 21

This is the latest installment of the J.P. Nussbaum adventures, if you'd like to check them out from the beginning head here.

Jeeves has set us on a path to safety. The cold weather has restricted our movements too greatly, we’ve been unable to get to far from our previous location quickly and as a result it’s been too easy to track our movements. We learned this when we went to the dark net and saw all the information on us. The list of our locations and possible hiding places has been frighteningly accurate.

Because of all of this Jeeves arranged for us to travel some. We boarded a private jet with unmarked wings and have set down in a much warmer climate. He should be difficult for anyone to follow us since we’ve taken such a drastic jump.

I’m both excited and afraid, I’ve seen how much money they’ve begun to offer for our location and yet I still can’t seem to shake the joy of being outside the U.S. for the first time.

As always, whoever you are, I ask you a favor; please tell my family I love them. Tell them I’m sorry.

I just received this message; I was so excited to receive it I decide to post it right away.

To Stephen Mayne,

I have returned. I apologize for the lull in communication and would like to assure you that we are all fine. I can’t be certain of just how long you haven’t received anything from me. First, we were trapped in a jungle and I was dealing with a spotty signal, so I can’t be certain you have any of those messages. After that we were chased by an army of mad men through the jungle in response to a slight side trip we took. Then a few weeks ago my radio was shot out of my hands by some local freedom fighters who mistook us for some of the men holding this area under their thumb.

Christina was able to convince the freedom fighters that we were ok, apparently she knew one of their members from the three months she spent working with the Peace Corps. After a few days of negotiations we were recruited to the cause. It’s been a busy few days since then. We’ve liberated three villages and a diamond mine. We took back a small section of jungle and then as a last moment thrust destroyed a mercenary base that was being used to oppress the area.

While going through the bases computers we found some information on the group that’s been after us. While the computers were useful they had taken some excessive damage in the initial fire fight. We have a few more things to do here before we go. Until then, I hope to be in more regular contact.

Your friend
J.P. Nussbaum

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