Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ode to Dad

Hey all, Sadly I haven't been able to get back as soon as I would have liked and I still owe you all a poem about ninja barbarians and exploding skyscrapers. It was argued that this would have still been appropriate today. However, I have decided to write something for Fathers Day.


He plays catch in the back yard to teach us
Leaves work early to watch all our games
Drives hours and hours in rain and snow 
To spend some more time just watching us play

He reads lines to help us practice
He goes to our plays and our shows
With camera in hand he films our each word
And show it to all of us friends

He watches us enter the big time
On field, on stage, and on screen
When they ask to say to somebody
Everyone says the same thing
But today for the first time I’d like to be
The one who answers
Hi Dad.

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