Thursday, June 30, 2016

June: Free RPG Day

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how to handle this piece. My intention was to write about spending a day at my friendly local game store (FLGS) and how I spent free rpg day. A problem occurred that makes that a bit difficult. However, I’ll get to that a bit later.
First, what is free rpg day? Well, almost ten years ago, several members of the gaming community came together and created free rpg day. It is a celebration of role play games and the community that supports them. Every year groups of game developers and publishers create special adventures, products, and suplements for their games and make them available through the free rpg program. FLGSs order a box, I’m unclear on if it costs anything. Once they receive it, they set up the day, arrange people, like myself to, to run demo games. People come to the store and spend the day learning new games, playing old favorites, and spending time relaxing with friends.
This year I was asked to run an adventure, I chose to run a module from Through the Breach, which had been included by Wyrd Miniatures. Through the Breach is a game set in the 1800’s it’s a *deep breath* Victorian, western, gothic, Lovecraftian, fantasy, horror, bayou, wuxia, comedy setting. *breath out* I really like the game, it focuses on story telling over character stats and has a bunch of fun little systems built into it.
I got to Epic Loot in Centerville and set about getting ready to play. There was a small amount of worry in that no one had set up for my session. However, that ended up not being an issue. We had several people who had wanted to play, sit down and join me at the table. This was fine with me. I then got to spend the next few hours introducing five new people to a new game they had never played. In this instance, the group was playing a team of miners nearing the end of their shift when the mine is invaded by a group of molemen. I’m not going to say too much more in case someone reading this will play it one day. We had fun, everyone got to experience the different characters, some of the classes, and a few of the skills and abilities from the game. In the end at least one person purchased the rule books for the game for his home group. Everyone got a copy of the module. It was a ton of fun.
After that I went from the person running the game to someone playing the game. I sat in on a game of 13thAge. 13th Age, is a fantasy adventure with wizards, knights, and archers. You fight monsters and battle the forces of evil. All of the characters seem to start with a high level of power and an impressive amount of ability. The game is built around your character doing massive amounts of damage and feeling pretty bad ass about it.
We started in a tavern that was suddenly invaded by skeletons. I’, not going to say much about this game either. This is partially to avoid spoilers and partially because this is where that problem I mentioned earlier came in.
I have a couple of medical issues that cause me to go off if my blood sugar goes too far in the wrong direction. Mid way through the fight my hands got shaky. This was most likely due to spending a day eating nothing but junk food and snacks. It wasn’t long after that that I needed to leave to get some real food in me. Sadly, that was the end of my day. I wasn’t able to return to the store and take part in any more of the day. My Free rpg experience ended part way through my second game with my having to leave.
Other than that, it was a good day and I had tons of fun. I’m looking forward to next year and hope to have a better amount of food in me so I don’t have to leave early. I hope I get to see you there.